New review: Game of Thrones

Elaine O’Neill explain why HBO’s new swords and sorcery epic isn’t just a man’s game

Please note – this review contains spoilers for season one of Game of Thrones

Averaging over 2.5 million viewers per episode in the US, it is fair to say that HBO’s fantasy epic Game of Thrones, based off the Song of Ice & Fire series by George R. R. Martin, has been a major success.

The fantasy series, dubbed “The Sopranos in Middle Earth”, follows the fate of several families in the medieval-era setting of Westeros. When the Hand of the King (the second most powerful position in the realm) dies in mysterious circumstances, King Robert (Mark Addy) dubs his old friend Ned Stark (Sean Bean) the replacement and summons him to the capital, where he will have to face the power-hungry machinations of House Lannister, including Queen Cersei (Lena Headey) as well as a court made up of schemers.

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