Weekly round-up and open thread

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Welcome to this week’s round-up and open thread. The following are things that we have found that might be of interest to you. Feel free to post anything that you have found that others might like.

Does sex sell? Reebok might be surprised to find that isn’t always the case(The Next Web)

Why Google+ Is Almost Entirely Male So Far (The Atlantic Wire)

10 of the Best Things You Can Do for Your Sexual Self (at Any Age) (Scarleteen)

The friends and enemies of feminism(Overland)

UK Deed Poll Service to accept Mx as a non-binary title (lottelodge.tumblr.com)

“Shut up rich boy”;The problem with “privilage” (No seriously what about teh menz)

Suffergette Surveilance 1913 (How to be a retronaut)

Yes, I play video games, and no, you cannot see my boobs (Xojane)

Red: “Non-Binary” Person Rejects Male/Female Gender Duality (Indy Bay)

Lager for ladies. Again. (Guardian)

The Misogynistic Hashtag (the solipsistic socialite)

Sigourney Weaver: “Every woman you see has a secret action heroine in her” (The mary sue)

Translational Research Begins to Explain Chronic Health Problems Associated with Intimate Partner Violence(The University of California, San Francisco)

Body Image Education (The Huffington Post)

Why does she stay with that jerk (Pervocracy)

Hostile clashes dominate women’s conference(Xtra)

The Science of Sexism: Primate Behavior and the Culture of Sexual Coercion (Scientific American)

More Magazine, male-centred sexuality and kissing girls (Another angry woman)

Truth-Out Reveals LadyDrawers, A Feminist Comic Series (Vocalo 89.5)

Excuse me, has your womb wandered today? (The beautiful evil)

Belgian ban of ful veils comes into force (BBC)

Amy Winehouse found dead, ages 27 (BBC)

Welfare to Work policy ‘casts the disabled as cheats’ (Guardian)

Amnesty TV: global human rights brought to you by 15 white men and 1 absent woman (Bidisha online)

Well, That’s One Way to Combat Misogyny in Gaming (Kotaku)

On maternal desire (Spilt Milk @ Feministe)

Uttar Pradesh – Extreme violence against women (feminist philosophers)

Why Google+ hates women (Bug girl’s blog)

That’s it! Hope everyone is enjoying the sunshine!

Image by Stripeyanne, used under a Creative Commons License