New review: Electrelane at Scala


Louise Allan gives an overview of the 10 year career of Electrelane and attends a gig at Scala on 21 July, one of their first after a three year break

You can keep your summer Britpop reunions and your behemoth boyband showdowns. Nostalgia is all very nice, but there was one bit of news that genuinely got me in a fizz this year. Electrelane are back! It might be short, it’s bound to be sweet, but for those of us who never managed to catch the band first time around, it’s Christmas come early.

To be fair, they were only gone for three years, which barely warrants a ‘reunion’ stamp. The multi-talented quartet bowed out for a quick breather after a 10-year career making a racket with krauty noise-rock, epic instrumental soundscapes and sepia-tinged wonky pop. Something of a cult following has swelled in Electrelane’s wake, their impact only really becoming clear in their absence.

Formed in Brighton by multi-instrumentalist, multi-linguist Verity Susman and drummer Emma Gaze, Electrelane built a dedicated following in their home town, releasing singles through Fierce Panda and their own label, Let’s Rock! before putting together their largely instrumental debut album.

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