Women in IT session 17 August

The FDM Group will be running a Women in IT Advantage Session for female graduates next Wednesday 17th August within their London Bridge office, as part of a campaign to encourage more women to pursue a career in IT. Representaives from Women in Technology and the UKRC will be attending.

The free event will give female graduates the opportunity to learn more about the different career options and support available to them, should they wish to pursue a career in the field.

FDM Chief Operating Officer Sheila Flavell said, “We are delighted to be holding this event with the aim of promoting the lucrative world of IT to this latest generation of female graduates.”

Representatives from key organisations such as the UKRC and Women in Technology will be delivering presentations to give graduates an insight into how their organisations operate and benefit women in IT.

These key figures will also discuss valuable topics such as the importance of networking and will seek to inspire, motivate and advise attendees through the discussion of case studies.

UKRC South East Hub Manager, Veronica Benson said, “The UKRC is incredibly keen to see more women participating in this field and is delighted to be involved in an event aimed at women which offers them a real opportunity to pursue a career in IT.”

Managing Director of Women in Technology, Maggie Berry, is equally thrilled to be participating in the event, “At Women in Technology we are dedicated to encouraging as many female graduates as possible to actively embark on a career in IT as there are lots of exciting, and potentially well paid, opportunities available to them. This FDM run event will be an excellent way of reaching out to these young women,” she said.

Female FDM employees, including Sheila Flavell, will also discuss their experiences as well as the variety of career options FDM can provide through its graduate programme.

If you are female and considering an IT related career, then take advantage of this rare opportunity to hear from the experts and start building relationships with people who can support you throughout your career.

The FDM “Women in IT Advantage Session” will take place between 5pm-7pm on 17th August at FDM’s office in London Bridge, attendees are permitted to bring a guest.

To attend please email your name and contact details to: [email protected] or visit www.fdmacademy.com/women-in-it

Advantage sessions are commitment and cost free. It is essential to RSVP in advance. Attendees are permitted to bring a guest.

Thanks to Charlotte Cooper of Women’s eNews for the heads-up!

Photo of woman from the shoulders down working at a keyboard by baronsquirrel, shared under a creative commons licence.

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