Quick music news update


Wears the Trousers have announced that No Wavers and feminist rockers Ut will be playing in the UK this September. As feminist Music Geek said last year, there’s not much live footage of the band around and reissued material is scarce (not to mention hard to search on Google because of their name!) so it looks like this will be one well worth checking out.

In other news, singer/songwriter Margaret O’ Sullivan/femmepop has started a Women in Music radio show. You can find out more on the show’s Facebook page:

This radio show has largely been inspired by my quest to get female musicians on the covers of music magazines as musicians and not just as eye candy and appearing semi naked continously. I am also impassioned by the lack of representation of female musicians on these so called music publications. For example since 2001 Mojo Magazine has had 5 women appear on the cover of its magazine, 3 of those 5 were the same woman…