Channel 16 launches ‘Green Scarves For Solidarity’ campaign

Women in Afghanistan. Original photography - Jenny Matthews/ActionAidFurther to my recent posts (7 October: ‘green scarves’ campaign in solidarity with Afghan women and Women in Afghanistan: 10 years on), today sees the launch of the Green Scarves For Solidarity campaign in support of women in Afghanistan.

Via the Channel 16 website:

This is a date where people will be taking stock – looking at the impact of intervention over the last 10 years. When “women’s rights” was central to the rhetoric used at the time of invasion. We need to use this date to talk about the rights of women in Afghanistan, past, present and future.

In December the international community will meet at Bonn in Germany for a peace conference where governments will make statements about their expected levels of both aid and military involvement for the next 10 years. This is a key time to make sure that women’s rights are not neglected going forwards.

Find out more about the campaign by watching the launch video:

You can show your support for #AfghanWomen by uploading a picture of yourself wearing a green scarf to the photo petition at

The image at the head of this post was adapted by Helen from the cover of the ActionAid report ‘A Just Peace? The legacy of war for the women of Afghanistan’. Original photography: Jenny Matthews/ActionAid