Introducing our October guest blogger and call for new guests


Update: Huge apologies for misspelling Jacqueline’s surname in my initial post. It should be Christoloulou, not Christodoulu as in the original version of this post. Spelling has now been corrected below.

Massive thanks to September’s guest bloggers, Jane Fae and Kellie Turtle. We’re proud to introduce October’s guest blogger here at TFW, Jacqueline Christodoulou.

Jacqueline is a Chartered Psychologist who works as a CEO for a High Hazard Safety organisation as well as a mother and a grandmother. Jacqueline completed a PhD which looked at how women construct their identity and continues to study how academic feminism translates into the practical aspects of living for women (or not). Her book, Identity, Health and Women, follows the process from academic theory to the everyday storytelling where women frame their identity. Having just turned 50, Jacqueline is currently studying the journey from ‘first’ to ‘third’ wave feminism and how this impacts the aging woman’s experiences. In her spare time she writes novels about strong women and grows cacti.

Jacqueline will be blogging about encouraging more women into science and technology, women’s fiction, women’s health and related matters, protesting for the older woman, and how to get your voice heard without getting arrested.

We’re just about coming to the end of our programme of guest bloggers and will be lining up a new rosta at our quarterly collective meeting later this month. If you’d like to guest at TFW, please drop me an email introducing yourself and telling us what sort of things you think you’d like to blog about. We’re hoping to feature subjects and voices which are lacking on the blog, particularly in terms of intersectional perspectives, so if you think you can cover an area where we’re under-represented we’d be especially keen to hear from you.

Picture by Express Monorail, shared under a Creative Commons license