Good news quick hit: equal pay

It’s gloom and doom everywhere you turn at the moment, so I was cheered to hear this piece of news from Birmingham, where 174 women who used to work for Birmingham City Council have secured the right to have their cases heard in the high court, rather than at employment tribunals. This means they have up to six years from leaving employment to lodge their cases, rather than the six months offered by employment tribunals.

The cases relate to the pay gap between traditionally female-dominated sectors such as catering, caring and cleaning, and male-dominated areas such as refuse collection and road working. Like the Sheffield City Council workers who succeeded in winning back payments to compensate them for being paid less than men in jobs of equal worth, the Birmingham women quite rightly argue that this pay gap is the result of discrimination and the council should make amends. Good luck to them!

Photo by J D Mack, shared under a Creative Commons licence.