New review: The Ides of March

Taraneh Ghajar Jerven is disappointed with George Clooney’s new film which renders women insignificant both on-screen and in politics

ides-march-cover-thumb-300x393-90361.jpg Perhaps you were lured into your cinema seat, popcorn in hand, because of Ryan Gosling’s talent for the introspective pause. Or was it George Clooney’s husky chuckle? Oh wait, F-Word readers: you must have been counting on Marisa Tomei’s witty one-liners and you also heard newbie starlet Rachel Evan Wood had a powerful screen presence.

Or maybe it wasn’t the cast at all? You figured it was about time for another intelligent political thriller and, thanks to Aaron Sorkin’s West Wing you know that Democrats’ ideals make the best Hollywood dramatic fodder; Republicans’ values are too far gone for complexity. You fell for this hype the same way you ponied up 50p more for a soda so large you couldn’t make it through the end of the film without dashing for the loo. In short: you got fooled.

It’s okay. I did too.

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