New review: Abi Wade – And Blood and Air EP

At a time when folk music is enjoying plenty of exposure, new blood Abi Wade’s brave and disarmingly simple first EP is a fitting addition. Cazz Blase reports

Abi press.jpg

By relying almost entirely on the cello as her instrument of choice, Abi Wade is a musician who deftly defies easy pigeonholing. Her debut release on Love Thy Neighbour Records, a label set up by Esben & the Witch’s Daniel Copeman and Brighton gig promoter Andy Rossiter, reveals her to also be at ease with her craft as a songwriter.

“The first time I was exposed to Abi’s music I was overcome by an urge to release it. At this point there was no label so the label was started for her pretty much”, explains Copeman when discussing their decision to bring out the tracks. “It’s interesting, new and impassioned. The melodies, rhythms and lyrics are all so well considered and enveloping. I am very proud to be releasing this EP.”

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