New Review: Gears of War

Olivia Cotterell welcomes the final chapter of the Gears of War franchise including some playable female characters, but finds the game ultimately still drips with the same old machismo

gears.jpgAh, Gears of War.

The original take-cover-and-shoot game came lumbering to a close with the release of its final instalment just a month or two ago.

Much has been dedicated to the novelty of seeing a game franchise actually end (as opposed to endlessly hinting at sequels). But one important aspect of the third game has been largely ignored.

In previous instalments Gears had been an almost exclusively male domain, saving the presence of the main antagonist, Queen Myrrah, and your mission control, Anya. However, Gears of War 3 finally allows women to take the front lines as combatants. And even as playable characters. It’s sad that this is still a big deal for first-person shooters, but it is a fact that deserves recognition, even if the presentation of these women does not always stand up to scrutiny.

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