Weekly round-up – Monday 21st November 2011

Greetings! Here’s this week’s batch of links we noticed but didn’t blog about. As always, don’t shoot the messenger – linking here doesn’t necessarily mean endorsement. And feel free to post more links or debate in the comments!

The picture is of some of the England squad, who have a Euro 2013 qualifier against Serbia at the Keepmoat Stadium, Doncaster, on Wednesday evening. If you’re in the area, why not pop along?


Fatphobic ads target children in ATL — street art reclaims it (Queer Fat Femme Guide To The Net)

5 Old-Timey Prejudices That Still Show Up in Every Movie (Cracked.com)

Beyoncé Songs Re-Imagined as Undergraduate Theses in Women’s and Gender Studies (The Hairpin)

What Women Want: Porn and the Frontier of Female Sexuality (Good)

Sex is not the enemy (Milena Popova)

A thousand feminists, a million acts of violence (OpenDemocracy.net)

Celebrating Our Struggle for Equality – Disability History Month (Contact A Family)

Break out Session (D for Dalrymple)

Gemma Hayter case review finds chances were missed to protect her (The Guardian)

Lesbian Propaganda & Other Myths: Misogyny In Dance Music (The Quietus)

Women and the Cuts: A toolkit for campaigners (False Economy)

Internet misogynists given chance to meet a woman (Daily Mash)

Zoe Margolis: Stop this anti-sex drive (The Guardian)

UK unemployment increases to 2.62m (BBC News)

Public health crusaders: Japanese women take the capital (Feministing)

Female orgasm captured in series of brain scans (The Guardian)

Does a 7-year-old Girl Need Crotchless Panties? One Store Seems to Think So (Strollerderby)

Zoe Williams: Jobs are a feminist issue. So are legal aid, tax and pensions (The Guardian)

Men as Students and Teachers of Feminist Scholarship (XY)

Nicholas Sarkozy calls breastfeeding ‘slavery’ as Carla Bruni struggles (Metro)

Diet firms quizzed by MPs on tackling girls’ body anxiety (Evening Standard)

‘I can’t give you the morning-after pill… it’s against my religion’ (Hartlepool Mail)

Enough With the ‘Slut Gene’ Already: Behaviors Ain’t Traits (Wired Science)

British LGBT Students Face Inconsistent Treatment In Schools: Study

(Huffington Post)

Female gamers are better than male (GameTyrant)

Saudi women with attractive eyes may be forced to cover even them up, if resolution is passed (Daily Mail)

My Cissexist Summer (Trans Youth Takes On World)

‘Police put the phone down on my complaint over Twitter racial abuse’ (The Observer)

Social media is for boys (A Shiny World)

Russia: a bill to silence millions (All Out)

Women cyclists are more likely to be killed in traffic: TfL suppresses report (Rudi.net)

Sexual Harassment (Melinda Snodgrass)