Be Social

twitter logo made out of play-doh

“I like to say that Twitter is like a bar, Facebook is your living room and LinkedIn is the local chamber of commerce.”

– BSStoltz

Whether that is true or not, they are all certainly important players in online life. The F-Word is on all three of these sites. You can follow us on LinkedIn here, ‘like’ us on Facebook here, and follow us on twitter here.

On our facebook page and twitter account, you can chat with us and other readers of the site, and on twitter you can participate in occasional feminist games.

facebook logo made out of play-doh

I also created some ways to connect like-minded twitter users, the connect feminist twitter users by interest in particular has been wonderfully successful, with 411 feminists now listed, over 146 different interests. You can still add yourself to that list, following the instructions here.

I am also interested to find out whether you would be interested in The F-Word having a presence on Google+. Are you a regular user of the site? Let me know in the comments.

So, come and find us on LinkedIn, on Facebook, and on twitter, to make sure you stay on top of the latest feminist news and discussions!

[The image on the top right is a photograph of the twitter logo made out of play-doh. The image in the centre left is the facebook logo made out of play-doh. Both were created and photographed by Claudia Liliani]