Weekly round-up and open thread

dominoes.jpgImage shows some dominoes. Shared by Kristy Johnson under a Creative Commons license.

Good afternoon everyone, and welcome to our weekly round-up and open thread. All the usual disclaimers apply: a link here doesn’t imply endorsement or agreement with everything or even anything in the link, and some links may be triggering.

Please post anything we’ve missed in the comments.

  • Feminists claim victory in toy signs fight (FT.com)
  • Your boobies are fine
  • Human rights chief issues warning to UK over weakening of laws (Guardian)
  • The Origins of “Ajosshi Fandom”? (The Grand Narrative)
  • Veena Malik gets death threats in Pakistan nude cover shoot row (Guardian)
  • Afghan Women’s Network respond to the outcomes of the Bonn conference (Channel 16)
  • Police condemned after ordering rape victim to strip in open cell (Daily Record)
  • Rape and the Occupy Movement (New Left Project)
  • Graffiti: Meet the street writing women (The Independent)
  • Techies You Decide! You’re either a Feminist or a Misogynist (Trevor Owens)
  • BBC News – Government may expand definition of domestic violence (BBC)
  • Genderful – an interview with Laura Bridgeman and Serge Nicholson (Foggy Sapphires)
  • Male model fronts campaign for push-up bras (Yahoo!)
  • The new flashmob – breastfeeding mothers come out into the open (Guardian Cif)
  • Women of the year 2011 – in pictures (The Guardian – Life & Style)
  • Fantasy armor and lady bits (Mad Art Lab)
  • The representational politics of hair (Zero at the Bone)
  • I feel like you are trying to tell me something (Geek Feminism Blog)
  • Watch Your Language (78 Steps)
  • Clothing Giant H&M Defends ‘Perfect’ Virtual Models (Yahoo!)
  • Once And For All, It’s Time To Stop Blaming Rape On Women’s Drinking (Jezebel)
  • Cuts are a Feminist Issue (New Left Project)
  • Not every girl is a riot grrl (Pitchfork)
  • I am so not sorry about my vagina, and other apologies we should retract (Jezebel)
  • Egypt: Women Against SCAF – Who Wins? (Global Voices)