Weekly roundup and open thread for 2011


Happy holidays to everyone! Thanks for a great 2011, we’ve had a great year at The F-word. The F-word is a collaborative success reflective of all their contributors and readership. We wish everyone a happy new year.

Standard disclaimer: Feel free to add your own links in the comment section. None of these articles reflect the opinions of The F-word.

1) Image of unknown woman beaten by Egypt’s military echoes around world (Guardian Cif)

2) French women ‘must have faulty breast implants removed‘ (BBC News Europe)

3) Mass March by Cairo Women in Protest Over Soldiers’ Abuse (NYT)

4) A national pilot scheme to help protect sex workers from violent and abusive customers has been launched in the UK (Womens Grid)

5)A quarter of disabled students are victims of hate crime, says NUS (Union News)

6) Eva Perón Was Lobotomized As Part Of Cervical Cancer Treatment (Jezebel)

7)Sex Myth Exposed: What They Don’t Teach You About Your Hymen (Huffington Post)

8) No Forced Kisses for Your Kids: A Holiday Safety Tip for Families (Doing Right by Your Kids)

9) Is the Arab Spring Bad for Women? (Foreign Policy)

10)Women and homelessness (Radio 4 blog)

11)Democrats Are Still Compromising Away Women’s Rights — What’s Wrong with the Pro-Choice Movement’s Strategy? (AlterNet)

12) “>I know the real military wives (The Guardian)

13)Why does the media still refer to “Bradley” Manning? The Curious Silence Around a Transgender Hero (Global Comment)

14)2 women share 1st kiss after US Navy ship returns to Virginia, 1st since repeal of gay ban (Washington Post)

15) Trans woman’s killer found guilty of manslaughter after Tube death (Pink News)

16)Is the word ‘coloured‘ racist? (Equal & Diverse)

17) Bruised but defiant: Mona Eltahawy on her assault by Egyptian security forces (Guardian/World/Egypt)

18) Classic novels reinvented with ‘genderswitching'(Guardian)

19) TGEU TvT Project: First mapping of legal & healthcare situation of trans people in 58 countries (TGEU TvT Project)

20) Orgasms aren’t my favourite part of sex (Off Our Chests)

21)FYI: 100% OF YOUR BODY FAT SHOULD BE IN YOUR BOOBS (Sociological Images)

22)How Egypt’s Revolution Has Dialed Back Women’s Rights (Foreign Affairs)

23) TW – VAW: Young egyptian women face army brutality (Nelly Bassily/Storify)

24)Saudi Female Engineers (An Eye on Saudi Blog)

25) Why is Eastenders full of domestic violence? (Lisa Northover)

Have an amazing holiday!

Image above is a picture of fireworks from Leland Francisco used under the creative commons license.