Ask A Feminist is back!

yellow question mark chalked on a tarmac road

We ran the feature a few years ago, but somehow managed to let it tail off, so I’ve decided to step up and offer my services as resident F-Word agony aunt, providing highly subjective yet heartfelt advice, free of gender stereotyping, beauty fascism and guilt-inducing exhortations to buy stuff you don’t need. Here’s how it’ll work:

Drop me an email: [email protected]. I’ll choose one dilemma/question to publish on the blog each Wednesday (or thereabouts), along with my response. Like any good agony aunt, my main qualification is being rather over-opinionated, so to give you the best possible service, I’ll be opening up the comments section for other bloggers, contributors and readers to add their two feminist cents.

Submissions can be on any topic, and general questions about feminism are also welcome (though if you’re after The Feminist Position on anything from the global economic crisis to the correct ratio of icing to sponge on a pink sparkly fairy cake, the answer’s No. It doesn’t exist*.)

I can’t promise to answer every email we receive and The F-Word accepts no liability for anything that happens to you or anyone else as a result of following any advice published on the blog.

Get cracking!

*OK, OK, it’s clearly 10:90 and not a fraction more. Everyone knows American-style frosting is just an awful, cloying distraction from the real issue.

Photo by VirtualEyeSee, shared under a Creative Commons Licence.