New review: Wild Flag shake their shimmy


Readers of Carrie Brownstein’s blogging at Monitor Mix will probably remember her talking about the Wild Flag project over at the npr music blog back in September:

“After Sleater-Kinney broke up in 2006 I had very little desire to play music. It took well over three years before picking up a guitar meant anything to me other than an exercise. In fact, it was writing about music for NPR — connecting with music fans and experiencing a sense of community — that made me want to write songs again. I began to feel I was in my head too much about music, too analytical. I felt an emotional tie with my readers and with the bands and songs and scenes I was writing about and sharing, but ultimately it was not the same as playing or being inside of the song.

I have no desire to play music unless I need music. And as readers of Monitor Mix might know, I have very little desire to even listen to music by players who don’t seem to need it, to want it. Otherwise, what is the point? About a year ago I started to need music again, and so I called on my friends and we joined as a band.”

And so Wild Flag was born.

This supergroup with Sleater-Kinney bandmate Janet Weiss, Helium’s Mary Timony and The Minders’ Rebecca Cole have released two singles and a self-titled album so far. We’ve just posted a review of the latter by Sophie Mayer:

“From the opening punch of the eponymous first album by riot grrrl supergroup Wild Flag, you’ll want to party like it’s the mid 1990s. I’m going to say that again, because it’s almost as awesomely fun as the album’s ‘shake shimmy shake’ attitude: riot grrrl supergroup Wild Flag. First ever all grrrrl supergroup, even. The band represents a dream reunion of bands that made the Sichel sisters’ 1997 film All Over Me rock: specifically Sleater-Kinney and Helium.”

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