New review: 9 Bob Note

The London borough of Lambeth, 21st century.

whatyoulookingat.JPG A drag queen in full attire and a woman in burka get stuck in a lift together…

A cheap trick, you say?

Perhaps watching Faryal Velmi’s funny and pointed short film What You Looking At? would make you change your mind.

It was one of ten shorts showcasing new queer cinema, put together in 9 Bob Note programme by Peccadillo Picures and screened twice during the London Short Film Festival in January 2011.

This eclectic mix of short films depicted queer characters in both heart-wrenching and hilarious situations and is reviewed for us by Selina Robertson from Club Des Femmes, a queer-feminist film festival whose next pop-up event will be in April at Fringe.

Click here to read Selina’s review and comment