In her first book, Lisa Bloom urges women to disengage their minds from gossip and celebrity trivia and focus on more consequential topics instead. Leonie Taylor reviews this social-critique-cum-recipe-book, which appeals for women to spend more time considering sex trafficking and good literature and less time worrying about getting fat


Lisa Bloom’s Think: Straight Talk for Women to Stay Smart in a Dumbed-Down World calls for women to turn off the television, put down that glossy magazine and engage their brains in something other than the latest soap plotlines. We need to use our critical thinking skills or risk losing them for good and succumbing to a lifetime of vanity and trivia.

“To consider what we don’t know because we choose to look at fluff and nonsense, instead of what matters is heartbreaking”, Bloom writes. Bloom suggests that the things we should be thinking about include: female education, international affairs, what to do about sex trafficking and which good books to read. Things we should spend less time thinking about are: housework, celebrities, what to have for dinner tonight, our appearance and our love lives.

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