New review: You’ll catch your death in that

Hugely successful gaming giant World of Warcraft has introduced a new package that allows even more customisation of player’s avatars: including choosing skimpier outfits for female characters. Teri Shelly wonders what it means if she wants her avatar to wear a plate bikini

BTbloodscale.jpgWorld of Warcraft is probably the most successful computer game of all time. There can’t be many people who don’t know about it, even if they have no interest in gaming. And with 10.3 million subscribers world-wide, there’s clearly a great deal of people that not only do know about its existence but also play it …a lot.

Of course, whether these people enjoy the game is another matter. For a game as popular as WoW there’s a great deal of negativity about it on the internet. After each WoW expansion (the fourth one – Mists of Pandaria – is due out next year), a solid core of players rise up in a furore about how the game has finally jumped the shark and announce that they are to leave the game forever (until they return after a few months time having realised how cold and lonely the non-Azeroth world really is).

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