New review: Happily ever after? The state of the TV dating show

Take Me Out has recently returned for a second series on ITV. Danielle Almond wondered what this latest incarnation of the prime time dating show had to say about mainstream ideas of gender roles.


Hosted by lovable northern cheeky chappy Paddy McGuinness, the process of Take Me Out is a simple one. It begins with a catchphrase from Paddy, ‘Bring on the girls’ and the women all strut down the stairs to take their places at lecterns. A ‘girls night out’ party atmosphere is evoked with loud party music playing, the women dancing and wearing their best Saturday night party dresses.

Each woman has control of a light, on the lectern, that they each stand behind. A man comes down the ‘love lift’ and presents himself to all the women, announcing his name and home town, there is then an opportunity for the women to turn off their light if they don’t instantly like what they see. Two more rounds follow where the man is given the opportunity to present himself to the women and for them to turn off their lights. To sum this up the catchphrase “No likey no lighty” is repeated numerous times throughout the show.

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