New review, interview and tour announcement: Laura Gibson live

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With both La Grande and its title-track video continuing to attract attention, Laura Gibson will be returning to the UK next month to play the following shows:

8 April: DEVON, Totnes Studio Lounge

10 April: LONDON, Lexington

11 April: LIVERPOOL, Leaf

12 April: LEEDS, Brudenell Social Club

13 April: BRIGHTON, Komedia Bar

14 April: BRISTOL, Louisiana

If you’re considering attending any of the above dates and want to get an idea of what Laura’s like live, we’ve just posted a review of one of her performances from earlier in the year. Following on from her review of La Grande, Kaite Welsh headed to The Social on 16 January to catch a performance from Laura and have a quick chat with her:

It’s a freezing January evening, a few hours before she’s due to go onstage, and Laura Gibson is huddled in a coat and hat in a corner of a Soho music venue, talking about the effect her home state of Oregon has on her music. She credits the Portland music scene with her success: “Portland is a really wonderful city and I don’t think I would be making music had I not landed in this really supportive community of wonderful and very talented and creative people.”

In person, she matches her dreamy, offbeat musical style, admitting that she is “never one to get up and talk at a party” and that she has to “try and trick [herself] into believing in [her] own importance, in a way”. It’s this timidity that makes Gibson such a compelling performer. She is shy but she isn’t fragile, and when she speaks about her music she glows with quiet confidence. “Part of what makes it so exciting”, she explains, “is that I tend to be a timid person in many areas of my life and making music. I feel like it’s this moment that I can transcend that timidity and if there were no boundaries for me to cross, I don’t think it would be as satisfying for myself or for the listener. Part of the magic of making music is transcending who you are.”

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Publicity shot of Laura Gibson looking to her right in an orange dress standing in front of a caravan supplied by Workit Media.