Weekly roundup and open thread

Heya folks!

It’s our weekly roundup of posts we haven’t blogged about. Feel free to add some more in the comments sections. As usual, these do nor represent the F-word’s opinions.

1. Impact of austerity on women (Fawcett Society)

2. What’s International Women’s Day to a woman in Sudan? (Channel 16)

3. On double standards in parenting (Guardian)

4. Shakespeare’s Tempest removed from Tuscon schools, along with every textbook dealing w/Mexican-American history (Salon)

5. The female standup-comedy void (Guardian, Stage)

6. You don’t know me (The Hoopla)

7. Why is being fat more acceptable for men than it is for women? (Musings from the Soapbox)

8. Sally Salisbury, Giant of Mischief (The Georgian Bawdyhouse)

9. Oh Hai Sexism (Storify)

10. Revealed: What children are being taught about abortion (Guardian)

11. Full transcript of the SPUC lesson (Feminist Action Cambridge)

12. Set Me Free, A Remix Music Video Features the Women of Mad Men (Laughing Squid)

13. The silly reason why every abortion requires two signatures (Liberal Conspiracy)

14. Women don’t fantasise? In your dreams, guys (Observer)

15. Women As Party Favors And Eye Candy: The Latest Tech Marketing Meme (Forbes)

16. NASA Launches Women@NASA Website (NASA)

17. Some thoughts on the cotton ceiling (Roz Kaveney)

18. Moral relativism poses threat to Muslim women

19. Cancer’s not pink (Guardian)

To round it off, I’ve got an oldie but a goodie. Peggy Seeger’s “Gonna be an Engineer”. Enjob the sunshine!

Image courtesy of expertinfantry taken with respect to creative commons.