Gaggle exclusive: part two

Picture named 'Boudica' showing 16 Gaggle members walking in line in black capes towards the houses of parliament in Westminster, with a leading figure turned towards them

Katie Wilkinson:

Patti Smith – ‘Glitter In Their Eyes’

The original lady of rock n’ roll and she is still writing incredible music. Her autobiography Just Kids is one of my favourite things I’ve ever read.

Friends – ‘Mind Control’

Sam Urbani is one of my favourite front women of the past decade. She is also genuinely nice (I interviewed her for my site) as well as being totally fucking cool and having a phenomenal stage presence.

Aaliyah – ‘Try Again’

Queen of 1990s cool. R.I.P. We dance to this a lot.


Sandy Denny – ‘Next Time Around’ (from The North Star Grassman and The Raven)

To be honest, picking one Denny track is virtually impossible. Her songwriting and lyrics are so powerful, painful and rich.. all all that work before 31? I get goosebumps and also a terrible fear that I’m doing nothing when I think of how much she achieved in her life! I dream about what else she could have made. Such a waste…

Les Rita Mitsouko – ‘Marcia Bailas’

Every song they’ve made has an INCREDIBLE video; that attention to detail is art. I’ve since found out they were mostly directed by Jean Baptiste Mondino which explains things… Catherine Ringer is such a wonderful front woman! This song, an homage to Argentinian dancer Marcia Moretto is just awesome pop. French music in the 1980s was incredible. I won’t hear a bad thing against it…

Toto Coelo– ‘Milk From The Coconut’

I was introduced to this track by the MC Gaffy, an amazing Aussie friend. I’d only ever heard ‘I Eat Cannibals’ by them, and the fact they did more is awesome. I want to sound like this all the time.

Sredni Vashtar:

Tom Tom Club – ‘Genius of Love’

Tina Weymouth is just too cool. Tom Tom Club songs create an awesome colourful cartoon world and I want to live there.

ESG – ‘Dance’

Early 80s South Bronx Scroggins sisters got together and made some of the most danceable tracks ever.

Bongwater – ‘Connie’

Sludgey guitars and dreamy vocals. I could have chosen almost any of their 1991 album The Power of Pussy: sleazey grunge psychedelia with a female perspective right at the centre.

You can also check out Gaggle’s Soundcloud mix of tunes reflecting the forthcoming album‘s themes, along with two short Meet a Gaggle films so far on their YouTube channel (from Snave Gaggle and Sredni Vashtar respectively).

Picture of Gaggle doing their march through Westminster on Saturday 9 June supplied by Work It media.