New Review: The Light Bulb Moment


Bristol based writer Sian Norris asked people to share the light bulb moment they realised they were a feminist: Abigail Rutherford reviews the stories told as a result, examining the diverse experiences and beliefs which lead people to consider themselves feminists

A light bulb moment is that instant where an idea or realisation strikes you and what may have seemed like a problem will suddenly start to make sense. Often depicted in cartoons as a literal light bulb clicking to life above a character’s head, it signifies an enlightening thought process that often leads to answers.

Sian Norris has taken this idea and put together individual’s own light bulb moments around the idea of feminism and what led them to call themselves a feminist. Inspired by her own reading and review of the US published Click, by editors Courtney E. Martin and J. Courtney Sullivan, Norris decided a similar book was needed for UK feminists.

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