Call for transcribers

Blue and black braille keyboard in front of a standard black one

Back in 2009, we asked for volunteers to transcribe videos included in posts on the site so that the information contained would be more accessible. We gathered together a group at the time (who we also still occasionally consult about accessibility issues) but we clearly need more people and a better system so we can improve in this area.

We are looking for more people with the skills to be able to respond to requests related to videos and audio clips going up on the site. These would ask for

  • transcriptions of dialogue (for hearing impaired readers)
  • detailed descriptions of more complex and varied visual material (for visually impaired readers)
  • occasional transcription of lyrics of songs, beyond quotes discussed within the post itself when a) the full lyrics are relevant to the post and b) the full lyrics are not able to be linked to elsewhere (for hearing impaired readers).

(Brief image descriptions can be tackled by the writer of each post and the same applies to short scene-setting descriptions of other visual material, such as music videos.)

If you have transcription skills and may be able to help, please contact Holly.Combe[at]

Picture of a braille keyboard by ingoism, shared under a creative commons licence.