Kodak Girls: The Suffragettes, Photography and the Silver Screen

This is a guest post by Nigel Shephard from Gypsy Gold Films.

I am an independent filmmaker in the middle of raising funding for my first feature documentary, Banners and Broad Arrows. It tells the story of the suffragette movement from 1903 to the outbreak of war in 1914. This project is now in its fifth year and ready to go into production.

Banners and Broad Arrows LOGO.jpg

I would like to invite you to my talk, written to promote the film, Kodak Girls: The Suffragettes, Photography and the Silver Screen at the Soho Theatre, 7.30pm Sunday 29th of July 2012. The talk will last for about 25 minutes and will be followed by the Q&A.

I have organized the event to promote the film as well as raise moral and financial support. The audience will be comprised of potential investors, academics in the field, feminist activists and writers, actresses and others I have met who have helped along the way.

The event will be filmed for archive purposes and with view to the DVD extras. Short excerpts, with the agreement of those concerned, may also be posted online. It is important that the auditorium is full, so if you could let me know before the evening whether you wish to attend it would be deeply appreciated.

Please email [email protected] if you wish to attend the talk.