The Sluts of Sutton Drive by Joshua Conkel performed at The Finborough Theatre June/July 2012

New review: Dead End Drive

Megan Stodel reviews the world premiere of The Sluts of Sutton Drive

Joshua Conkel has written a new play about the women he thinks have been failed by feminism. As he puts it, “I guess it seems that feminism is only for women of means and that for working class women like those in my family, not much has changed in the past few decades.”

The play is set in a poky house on a miserable street in backwater USA. It’s certainly fair to say that the women of the play are not living the feminist dream, however you might interpret that. It’s not clear, however, what Conkel is trying to achieve with his play. So many issues are confronted that it is hard to consider any individual problem in much depth, and none are addressed with much seriousness.

With a platform to voice his concerns about the modern plight of working class women, has Conkel missed an opportunity?

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