New review: Week three at the Edinburgh Fringe

Stanley Image 1 -photographer- XF Photography.jpg

Another week at the Edinburgh Fringe has The F-Word reviewers taking in everything from gothic tales and retold legends to shows about eating disorders and disgraced politicians

This photo is from Waiting for Stanley, a one-woman show performed entirely in mime, expressing the experiences of women during World War Two. The creativity of the concept is representative of much of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival’s offerings. Groups come from all over the globe to perform their interpretations of Shakespeare or entirely-in-rhyme indictments of the establishment, and people come from just as far to see what they have to say.

This year, for the first time, The F-Word has joined the ranks of EdFringe reviewers to attempt to appraise some of these shows from a feminist perspective. This week, we have another round-up of thoughts and opinions.

Shoshana Devora considers Mess, writing, “It’s hard to imagine what a successful play about anorexia might look like, but Horton has managed to demonstrate exactly this”. Mhairi Mcalpine reviews the “very, very cruel” I, Tommy, about Tommy Sheridan, and Liz Ely offers thoughts on Dragged Up, a piece on the performative nature of gender.

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The photo is from Waiting for Stanley and is used with permission.