Review: All in a day’s work

Olivia Plender’s exhibition Rise Early, Be Industrious artistically considers all kinds of work. Tom Denbigh found it enjoyable and thought-provoking, if sometimes elusive

Paul's penny.jpg

From mock Googleplex offices to visual representations of hierarchy, Olivia Plender’s exhibition Rise Early, Be Industrious showcases a diversity of her work. It’s also interactive; head to Arnolfini in Bristol (or CCA in Glasgow from 13 October) and you can play a sort of satirical monopoly, or have a go with some building blocks.

Tom headed to the exhibition and found much of the art interesting, and his discussion with Plender afterwards added clarity to the experience. However, with so many ideas in one space, and with so little immediately available explanation, does the exhibition run the risk of saying less than it would like to?

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