Weekly round-up and open thread, Monday 3rd September 2012

Welcome to this week’s open thread – these are all links that have been brought to our attention this week but we didn’t have time to blog about. Inclusion does not imply endorsement, and external pages may include triggering content.


Pic is of ParalympicsGB gold medallist Ellie Simmonds with Oscar Pistorius.

GPs unsympathetic to infertile women, study finds (Guardian)

On 10th anniversary, Wikipedia seeks women editors (IBNLive, Tech News)

Divorced at Forty and Still Becoming (3Plus International)

How do we teach young people what sexual consent really means? (Guardian)

The glass ceiling is dead as a concept for today’s modern career (HR Review)

Space Invaders

The Pen For Her Backlash (Stylist)

Everyday Sexism: It isn’t restricted to adults – even young girls in school uniform share their experiences (Independent)

Do the Paralympics put extra pressure on disabled people? (New Statesman – by our very own Pippa!)

Naomi Wolf’s orgasms: what have we learned? (Guardian)

Why do GPs show so little sympathy for women’s fertility problems? (Guardian)

Fairer Sex (Jacobin)

Post-feminist never (Black Looks)

The Sun’s interview with violinist Nicola Benedetti was a masterclass in sexism (New Statesman)

The Sun’s Nicola Benedetti interview prompts rethink of Scotsman’s classical music coverage (The Scotsman)

Father of the Year Helps Dress-Wearing Son Feel Comfortable By Putting on a Skirt Himself (Gawker)

Sticks & Stones

World’s Greatest Human Beatbox (Shakesville)

How to stay sexy while breastfeeding (Glosswatch)

Shulamith Firestone passes away (The Villager)

The Squatting Ban – a law built on lies (The Void)

Women at the Paralympics – facts, figures, names to watch out for (Women’s Views on News)

Everyday Sexual Assault (Huffington Post)

Privilege in an ablist society (Claireot’s blog)

Egypt’s sexual harassment of women ‘epidemic’ (BBC News, World)

Inside a Venezuelan school for child beauty queens (BBC News, Magazine)

The legal mythology of the extradition of Julian Assange (New Statesman)