Your weekly roundup

Hello and welcome to this week’s round-up! It’s an exciting collection of interesting things. Standard disclaimer: linking does not apply complete agreement, or endorsement.

All photos in this round-up are from the London Slutwalk this weekend, and they are by Hanna Thomas and used with permission.

Creepshots and revenge porn: how paparazzi culture affects womenThe Guardian

Thailand’s skin-whitening craze reaches woman’s intimate areasThe Guardian

RetroPop: Britney Spears and Virginia Woolf–CAUGHT ON TAPE! – Bitch

Woman holds sign saying

Join the One Billion Rising campaign to end violence against womenThe Guardian

Is it better to be plain than beautiful?The Guardian

10 distinguished Latinas in academia to honour this month – Online Colleges

Pinkification of the internet, for dummies – Free Thought Blogs

The hate crime map of England and WalesThe Guardian

Lads’ mag Loaded launches journalism training scheme – Press Gazette

Slutwalk: thoughts from the founder – Awesome Women of Twitter

Ariel Pink and beta male misogyny – The Quietus

Nurse makes heartfelt apology after Atos forced her to trick disabled people out of benefitsDaily Record

Femen’s topless warriors start boot camp for global feminismThe Guardian

Pussy Riot feminism and the Orthodox churchMs Magazine

Young women hold sign, looking serious, saying “Some see the benefits” of domestic violence, claims Lib Dem councillor – Political Scrapbook

Scientists, your gender bias is showing – Discover

Afghanistan: free women jailed for ‘running away’ – Human Rights Watch

Tabloids insult dead PCs in pursuit of a back-to-the-50s agenda – Bright Green

Major news org wants to know how I lost my baby weight (hint: having a preemie helped) – Jessica Valenti

Somali woman helping rape victims wins UN award – Reuters

Anger as party planners prepare Sheffield ‘pimps’ eventThe Star

Does God fit into the punishment of Sarah Catt?The Guardian

Maternity, paternity and parental leave in the UK’s top 10 trading partners – Valuing Maternity

It’s not Rihanna’s fault: Dr. Drew blames victim, again – Salon

Pain from sexual assault often untreated, study says – press release

What’s the verdict? – Brighton Pro-choice

Fiona Bruce, grey hairs and the Emperor Augustus’ jokeThe Times Literary Supplement

Domestic abuse to include non-violent control – BBC

Another Do disabled women matter? – Kirsten Hearn

BBC director general calls for more women’s sport coverageThe Guardian

Polish parliament to vote on legislation expanding access to abortion – National Partnership for Women & Families

A bewitching economy: witchcraft and human trafficking – Think Africa Press

Sex toys and social enterprise: the perfect match?The Guardian

I can’t tonight, I’m washing my hair – Bea Magazine

Street harassment: every woman’s warEbony

A letter from a scared actress – Neil Gaiman

Woman jailed over full-term home abortion – Yahoo! News

10 things you shouldn’t ask a pregant co-worker – Savvy Sugar

Girls who hate girls – Justine Larbalestier

UK outsources tracking of undocumented immigrants to private corporation – Space Invaders