Link round-up and open thread

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Hello! Here’s your weekly link round-up and open thread. As always, linking does not imply endorsement.

  • How To Be A RESPONSIBLE Woman (Black Feminists)
  • Pussy Riot member freed after Moscow court appeal (Guardian, Music)
  • Done [trigger warning] (Fleet Street Fox)
  • Scrap maternity leave ‘to increase gender equality in the workplace’ (HR Review)
  • Fuck marriage, fuck equality (Radical Bi)
  • It’s a tired old word, but patriarchy won’t stop rearing its ugly head (Guardian, Cif)
  • China’s ‘Leftover’ Women (NY Times, Opinion)
  • 10 Women With Awesome Jobs You’ve Never Heard Of In The Sciences (The Jane Dough)
  • Your friendly neighbourhood plague rat (Fat Nutritionist)
  • Equality Act third-party harassment laws to be repealed (HR Review)
  • Caitlin Moran and Lena Dunham: “Girls” I’m all too familiar with (Black Feminists)
  • Reddit Readies for Brewing ‘Inter-Website War’; Major Subreddits Ban Links to Gawker Media (Beta Beat)
  • Women And Guitars – Listen Without Prejudice Vol 1 (
  • Creepshots and revenge porn: how paparazzi culture affects women (Guardian)
  • Is sexual harassment still rife in the TV industry? (Guardian)
  • Men like Jimmy Saville will get away with it until we listen to women and girls (sian and crooked rib)
  • Another day, another pro-lifer (…and all that Chas) [contains disablist language] [ETA on 17.10.12: the post has been amended to remove the language in question]
  • Kat Banyard: ‘We were sold a lie on an almighty scale, that equality had been won, the battle was over’ (Guardian)
  • Patriarchy and the abortion debate: a response to Mehdi Hasan (New Left Project)

    Image shows a children’s climbing frame consisting of two duodecahedron shapes (on which more here). Shared by David Nutter under a Creative Commons license.