Weekly round-up


A day late and a dollar short, but here is our regular round-up of what’s interesting and provocative. As ever, linking does not imply endorsement.

Feminism is dead and it’s probably your fault – The Frisky

Whose archive? Whose history? The Women’s Library and Ruskin College, Oxford – Hilda Keen

Feminist chronicles: diary five: Jestina Mukoko – Madube’s Reflections

Campaigners angry at proposed LSE move for Women’s LibraryDocklands & East London Advertiser

Wonder women and other women – Education for Choice

Thoughts on deciding whether or not to tell your kids you’re a sex worker – Offbeat Mama


Defending women’s right to choose, 2008 (and 2012?) style

That Christina Aguilera “fat girl” quote was fake. What happened? – Bitch Magazine

The End of Men: And the Rise of Women by Hanna Rosin – reviewThe Guardian

‘The dream I hope and strive for’ – Women for Refugee Women

France to cover 100 percent of abortion costs – AFP

Maria Miller’s stance on legal abortion limit is simplistic and dishonestThe Guardian

Because fucked is a feminist issue – Bottomfacedotcom

Tomb of Maya warrior queen discovered – Futurity

Let battle commenceInside Housing

No way throughInside Housing

Child starved to death after benefits delayInside Housing

Liking young girls is not a preference, it’s a perversionThe Guardian

Ladies: your boobs, explained – Glosswatch

Bridge struts in pink pantalets – Astrogator’s Logs

A story we covered back in January 2011, about the shocking backstory to a famous V-J-Day photo of a sailor kissing a nurse, has gone viral recently. This is Helen’s take. Here’s some analysis by Crates and Ribbons. And some more.

Booth babe ban: we must support EG Expo’s initiative – VG 24/7

The Jimmy Savile abuse scandal means men across Britain will sleep uneasily, remembering past ‘conquests’The Independent

100 women star as Manchester celebrates century of International Women’s Day – Inside the M60

Female tattoo artists make their markThe Guardian

Too feeble for unisex? Try a lady productThe Guardian

What’s putting girls off A level physics?The Guardian

Jimmy Savile allegations: Esther Rantzen’s response defies beliefThe Telegraph

Just the view of some ‘big fat bitch’? Body elitism and me – Circumlotory Musings

Fangirls, mean girls – and that grand pastime of calling each other “ugly sluts” – Feministe

Sandi Toksvig: ‘I was groped on air in the 1980s’ The Guardian


Rape and selective outrage in the feminist community – Tiger Beatdown

Colonised and coloniser, empire’s poison infects us allThe Guardian

‘Slut dropping’ and ‘Pimps and Hoes’ – the sexual politics of freshers’ weekThe Independent

Pakistani girl shot over activism in Swat valley, claims TalibanThe Guardian

Fat people bash back – Obesity Timebomb

Justin Lee Collins found guilty of harassing Anna Larke – BBC

Ched Evans rape case: Two charged in Twitter investigation

And, last but not least, Ladies and Gentlemen, the Prime Minister of Australia kicking ass and taking names (mostly Tony Abbott’s).

Photo of allsorts by Sarah Macmillan and photo of feline F-Word reader by sizemore, all shared on Flickr under a Creative Commons license. Photo of one of the protests to defend the 24 week abortion time limit by me – it seems like we might need to dust off those signs from 2008.