Weekly round-up and open thread

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Folks, it’s that time again. It’s the weekly round-up where we list the links we weren’t able to cover during the week but wanted to share. Standard disclaimers apply: We do not endorse any of these links as they may include different interests or different perspectives. If you’re feeling sensitive or vulnerable, please tread carefully as some of the links may be triggering.

1. Why I’ve Fallen in Love with ‘New Girl’ (Bitch Flicks)

2. The development of A Conversation with my Father (Hannah Nicklin)

3. Debating porn: Is it “just like stacking shelves”? (glosswatch)

4. Sexist stereotypes dominate front pages of British newspapers, research finds (Guardian, Media)

5. Why does this shocking dearth of women in the media persist? (Guardian, Life & style)

6. What is people’s problem with yummy mummies? (Guardian)

7. ‘Leave the community when you’re menstruating and make all your own clothes’: Blogger spends year following literal interpretations of the Bible’s rules for women (Independent)

8. On Men Who Think Street Harassment Would Be Awesome (Brute Reason blog)

9. Liberal bullying: Privilege-checking and semantics-scolding as internet sport (Offbeat Empire)

10. Julia Gillard speech prompts dictionary to change ‘misogyny’ definition (Guardian, World)

11. How old age became a fashion trend (Guardian, Cif)

12. Calling all female experts who want to be presenters (BBC)

13. Boys are reaching puberty earlier, says study (Guardian, World)

14. Feminism Rules, OK! Err, Or Not Apparently… (Grazia)

15. Feminism – a spent force or fit for the 21st century? (Guardian/Observer)

16. Pussy Riot band members sent to remote prison camps (Guardian, World)

17. 21 Things to Stop Doing Unless You Hate Fat People (Love Live Grow)

We wanted to put in a special mention for our very own Philippa Willitts who wrote this piece.

‘Disability hate crime happened to me’ (Channel 4 News)

This week I want to showcase one of my favourite interviews of Joss Whedon. Joss Whedon is an American screen writer most famous for Buffy the Vampire Slayer. He has embodied the values of his feminist mother and is a strong supporter of her organisation Equality Now. In this video, Joss explains why he often uses strong female characters in all of his shows.

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