Desperate for a toilet

toilet.jpg They’re not sexy and they’re not glamorous, but it’s highly possible that many of us take having access to a toilet for granted. Watching the following video I learned that 1 in 3 women worldwide does not have access to a toilet. Because of this, according to Water Aid, they are at increased risk of disease, harassment and assault.

This is indefensible. WaterAid have created a pledge,

“I believe everyone should have somewhere safe to go to the toilet.”

Please use your voice to ask governments to keep their promises on providing safe toilets and clean water for the world’s poorest people.

which can be signed here. Please do so, and watch and share the video they have made.

[The image is a photograph of a white toilet in a pale grey room. It was taken by Michael McCullough and is used under a Creative Commons Licence]