New review: Ste McCabe’s Bad Kitty

Following on from the “ferociously political” Hate Mail and Murder Music, Bad Kitty is Ste McCabe’s third album. Released on Cherryade Records on 29 October with a wider release due on 19 November, it sees the politicised queer pop punk performer and Pussy Whipped festival organiser continuing to lampoon the establishment and question cultural norms in consumerist Britain. Liz Ely has followed up on her review of Pussy Whipped with a write-up:

“…Bad Kitty enjoyably balances humour, politics and music. Topics include the hypocrisy of establishment equalities policy makers, neo-liberal conservative ideology, homophobia, consumerism, hate crimes and violence. Despite the importance and seriousness of these topics, they never weigh the album down with the sort of po-faced preaching that political artists can sometimes fall foul of. McCabe’s wry humour shines through on this album. His songs are funny but never mere novelty items.

‘Did You Really?’ makes for a provocative opening, repeating “I worked my way up from the bottom” as incessantly as a token former working class Tory on Question Time. ‘Did you Really?’ is a fun track, juxtaposing the line “I worked my way up from the bottom” with career examples such as “charity mugger” and “M&S latter server”. Ste questions both the idea and the relevance of this statement through his irresistibly catchy repetition. ‘Did You Really?’ is indeed the perfect song to dance to at the end of a long week as a charity mugger or M&S latte server…”

Click here to read Liz’s whole review and comment