Want to be a guest blogger?


Once again we’re planning on running a programme of guest bloggers at TFW over the first half of 2013.

If you’ve ever wanted to voice your opinions here, this is your chance. The gig is a one-month long slot during which you could blog as little or as much as you’d like. We’re open to anyone who applies but are particularly interested in views, topics and perspectives that are currently under-represented on the blog, particularly intersectional perspectives. This could be sex workers, women of colour, disabled women, trans* women, queer women, feminist parents and carers, male feminists, older women, socialist feminists or just writing about a topic that you think we should feature more of.

You’ll be given support and guidance by an assigned ‘buddy’ from the collective. We have a written guide for guest bloggers explaning what’s what. You don’t have to have perfect English; what you have to say is more important than being a fancy writer.

If you’re keen, please leave your details using the comment function below by the end of November (these won’t be published but it’s a helpful place for us to collate them). Tell us a bit about you and what sort of things you would like to write about, and anything else you think will interest us! Alternatively, if you would like to recommend someone else, please feel free to suggest them, with contact details if you have them.

We can’t promise a slot to everyone – we’ll try to set a programme over the six months that is as varied as possible. If you’ve emailed us in the past about being a guest blogger but haven’t heard anything then please do put your hand up again.

Everyone is still very welcome to submit features, reviews and one-off guest blog posts to The F Word as normal, please see here for more details.

Image shows small (assumed) white, female child wearing a red and white spotted ‘kerchief around her head and flexing her bicep in the style of the iconic ‘rosie the riveter’. It was shared by flickr user mollypop under a creative commons license.