Socially feminist


We were really excited to be listed on A Very Public Sociologist’s Top 100 Tweeting Bloggers list, at number 58. I love our Twitter followers and the interactions we have, so thank you all for being part of that.

One of the most popular things I have done, on the social media side of the site, is to set up a system where feminist Twitter users can find others who have similar interests, and connect with them. A whole Brighton Feminist network was set up as a result, plus dozens of other personal connections.

If you want to find other feminists on Twitter who share your specific interests, and get yourself listed for others to find, you can find the instructions here to join the 572 other Twitter users who have filled it out. Seriously, get over there. It’s awesome.

So this all seemed like a good opportunity to remind you of the multitude of different ways you can connect with The F-Word all over the social web. We are on Twitter @thefworduk, and on Facebook too. We have a popular feminist Pinterest board, sharing all sorts of funny, inspiring or just truthful feminist images. And if you’re more of a LinkedIn person, you can follow us here.

[The image is a photograph of a woman on a train who is looking at her phone with a stylus in her hand. It was taken by Tim and Annette and is used under a Royalty Free Licence]