Weekly round-up and open thread, 31 December

Welcome to the last of 2012’s posts rounding up what we’ve been reading in the last seven days. Please feel free to add more links and have a general chat in the comments.

As always, linking does not imply any sort of endorsement either of a particular story, how it is presented or its source – we sometimes add things because they make us think ‘WTF’ and sometimes because it’s interesting.

Please use your own discretion and common sense when clicking on links.

Candle-lit anti-rape march in Kolkata

Indian women march: ‘That girl could have been any one of us’ (The New York Times)

Swaziland: women in mini-skirts face arrest (allAfrica.com)

Dr Who: sexism and audience (A Very Public Sociologist)

Femen’s neocolonial feminism: when nudity becomes a uniform (Al Akhbar English)

Government under pressure to review prostitution laws in England and Wales (The Guardian)

Pussy Riot: ‘Things have changed, but our desire to protest remains’ (The Guardian)

A garden in Afghanistan: women, roses, and guns (Women Under Siege)

There’s no such thing as free choice, so why single out sex workers? (Another angry woman)

Person-first language doesn’t put people first, it makes them invisible (Shaping Clay)

Girls still seen as homemakers – Girls’ Schools Association head (BBC)

Italian priest’s Christmas flyer: Women incite domestic violence with cold dinners (The Raw Story)

Harriet Harman marks 30 years in parliament (Women’s Views on News)

Delhi gang-rape victim dies in hospital in Singapore (BBC)

Dear hacker community – we need to talk (Asher Wolf)

‘Halal’ interfaith unions rise among UK women (Al Jazeera)

Portraits of Albanian women who have lived their lives as men (PetaPixel)

Only women are called ‘bossy’, claims Clare Balding (Telegraph)

2012: the year when it became okay to blame victims of sexual assault (The Independent)

White feminists, now will you listen? (Trigger warning) (Left at the Lights)

Rebecca Tarbotton, head of Rainforest Action Network, dies at 39 (Grist)

Activists condemn sexual violence, oppose death penalty (FeministsIndia)

Tell Channel 4: Violence against women is not a laughing matter (Solidarity Federation)

Women, and not their modesties, are feeling outraged. So is everybody else. (The Life and Times of an Indian Homemaker)

Police tear-gas Delhi gang-rape protest (Dawn.com)

‘We are Afghanistan’s first feminist weekly’ (Firstpost)

When Newsweek’s women said no (Newsweek)

Photo of a candle-lit march in Kolkata, in protest at the gang rape of a young woman on a bus in Delhi by Soumyaroop Chatterjee, shared on Flickr under a Creative Commons license