NHS consultation on trans related healthcare proposals

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As part of a wider brief covering specific areas of mental health (including, but not limited to, Aspergers & Autism, Eating Disorders and Deaf Mental Health) the NHS has recently published three draft documents relating to Gender Dysphoria Policy and Gender Identity Services and which set out trans related health plans. They are indexed here under references C4, C4a and C4b; the direct links to the PDF documents are:

Dr Margaret Murphy, who oversees the relevant Clinical Reference Groups (CRGs), states that “the involvement of clinicians, patients and their carers remains key” in the consultation process and consequently there is a three-page online survey which appears to be open to all interested parties.

I need to read the documents more closely, but from a quick skim through, one obvious area of concern is the omission of any reference to the depathologisation of trans people; this may be a specific point worth making by anyone who chooses to complete the survey.

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