Help charity build a clothes bank for women getting back on their feet


Do you live in South London, and do you have good quality clothes you don’t use or need any more?

A charity, called Trust London, is looking for donations. It is based in Streatham, and provides non-judgemental support for women in street prostitution, or at risk of becoming caught up by the criminal justice system.

A clothes bank will help women who need basic items because they’re fleeing “volatile situations”, says Trust’s director, Sukhi Hersey. It will also help kit women out for job interviews. (I’ve already sent them a link to Dress for Success, which provides an interview wardrobe for low-income women.)

Sukhi explains:

We are a registered charity and we support over 200 women a year. We support extremely vulnerable women who have experienced exploitation from a young age who experienced various forms of abuse and violence. We work with women who have not have much in their lives and have a general lack of self-care therefore we are aiming to start the new year in positive ways with the support of the services we offer at Trust. Our team is a highly dedicated team of qualified professionals, counsellors and aftercare services to support the women with re-building their lives and re-discovering their self-confidence, self-worth and setting up a new life. This will include training and development of new skills that will lead to employment opportunities and/or volunteering roles.

We would be most appreciative if you could help us with being able to provide these opportunities by helping us to build up a clothes bank for women to attend interviews and some essential items of clothes for those women who come to us fleeing volatile situations and do not have any items of personal possessions.

Here is the list of what Trust needs:

Basic underwear items

Warm tops


Warm coats/jackets

Formal trousers/skirts/dresses

Formal jackets/blouses

Formal shoes

Donations can be dropped off in person at their officeL


3 Mount Ephraim Road



SW16 1NQ

Photo of clothes on a rack, by Natalia Osiatynska, shared on Flickr under a Creative Commons license