New review: No interaction at ‘Silver Action’

When Shoshana Devora attends an artwork that has been advertised as “participatory”, she is disappointed to find herself unable to participate

Suzanne Lacy_Silver Action_04.jpg

In Suzanne Lacy’s artwork ‘Silver Action’, feminists who campaigned during the 1950s-1980s join together for conversations, seated around tables to discuss their experiences. This sounds like a wonderful opportunity for younger feminists to learn from and interact with women who had such an impact on the movement. However, Shoshana Devora found that, sadly, there was little chance for engagement in reality.

As she writes:

The widely understood definition of “participatory” regards audience involvement but the public here today are grumbling: they cannot get close enough to individual conversations to hear what is going on. They may as well read about this later, as there seems to be little additional benefit to attending in person.

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Photo credit: February 03 2013, Tate Modern

BMW Tate Live: Suzanne Lacy, Silver Action

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