Top 10 most read posts in 2012

In continuation of the series of the best of 2012, today we will post the top 10 most read posts in the entire website read in 2012.

1. ‘Hasn’t anybody ever told you a handful is enough?’

2. Rape – is it our fault?

3. ‘Honey! Your vagina needs a mint’

4. Men who want to get you pregnant

5. ‘Speed Her Up, Slow Him Down’ – Durex finally solve humanity’s greatest sexual problem. Or not.

6. Non-feminist ‘more hostile’ towards men than feminists, study finds

7. Stretch marks: the true story

8. Ched Evans conviction: the vitriol after the verdict

9. If turning an orangutan into a sex slave is evil, what does it mean to do that to a human?

10. Policing blame: Calls for the immediate withdrawal of West Mercia Police’s anti-rape campaign

We wanted to give a big thank you to all our readers!

The spiral design above has been titled “Sacred Geometry/ Torus”. It is used under the creative commons license thanks to Sarjana Sky.