Weekly round-up and open thread, Monday 11th February 2013


Here’s this week’s open thread for discussion and our regular round-up of some of the articles and blogs we’ve noticed over the last week or so, but not had time to post about.

Please do use the comments to share more links or let us know what’s been on your mind this past week.

As with every week, please use your discretion when clicking on links – inclusion in the round up doesn’t imply agreement or disagreement with the content, and some content may be triggering.

Image: Laura Robson, who with Heather Watson secured Great Britain a Fed Cup play-off place this weekend, from Flickr, user Carine06.

Speaking up (sazzy.co.uk)

Frank Video of Mass Sexual Assault in Cairo Is Released by Anti-Harassment Activists (New York Times)

Children’s books and segregation in the workplace (Sociological Images)

China’s big divorce case exposes a hidden epidemic of domestic violence (Guardian)

Garbage Homes – Bolivia (Al Jazeera)

To My Male Relatives Who ‘Like’ Sexism on Facebook (The Nation)

Libby Purves reveals she was sacked from BBC show due to pregnancy (Guardian)

Same sex marriage bill – transgender implications (SarahLizzy.com)

Where from? Where now? Exploring women’s homelessness

The list of shame: MPs who voted against Equal Marriage (Liberal Conspiracy)

Nerd Rage: Gendered Tech During the Rise of Radio (PS Mag)

Feminised job titles encourage discrimination against women (Telegraph, Women)

Female genital mutilation – where does it happen?

Optimism to end cutting for the next generation (LSE)

Women and Girls: Asia Pacific Lesbians, Bisexual and Trans Women Left Out in the Cold (Huffington Post)

Equal Writes: Call for playwrights

If Consent Was Really That Hard, Whiny Dudes Would Fail At Every Aspect of Life (Pandagon)

Hannah Barbaric: Girls, Enlightened and the comedy of cruelty (New Yorker)

We’re still a long way from true marriage equality – Just ask straight women (Independent)

Overworked NHS nurses not to blame for Mid Staffs scandal (Guardian)

Jemima Khan: ‘My journey with Julian Assange has taken me from ‘admiration to demoralisation’ (Independent)

Ladies, Can I Interest You In Architecture? (The Fox is Black)

Supporting Sex Workers’ Rights, Opposing the Buying of Sex (Feministe)

Another Gove U-turn: Mary Seacole will remain on the Curriculum (Independent)

WomCam Whiteboards hit Rad Cam in Radical Revolution (Oxford Tab)

We Have a History, Too (The Transadvocate)

Uni Lad’s shocking sexism is not just teenage, it’s stone age (Guardian, Cif)

British Library to open first national Women’s Liberation archive (Telegraph, Women)

Trafficked women left with no protection in UK prisons, study finds (The National Student)

Russia’s Pussy Riot appeal to European rights court (Reuters)

Can I have some of your Pussy? (Rosie Fiore)

The Other 11 Doctors – Alternate History of Doctor Who (SciFind)

Michael Brewer: Victim ‘killed herself’ during trial (BBC)

Police face investigation over physical restraint of disabled 11-year-old girl (Guardian)

Frances Andrade’s suicide and the re-victimisation of rape survivors in the witness box (Sarah Lauren Scott)

Creepy White Guys

Popstars can be feminists, if we let them (That Pesky Feminist)

UN Condemns “Normalization” Surgeries of Intersex Children (Feminist Daily News)

Michael Gove must do more to protect vulnerable girls, say women’s groups (Guardian)

Chris Grayling’s rape comments raise fury after abuse victim’s suicide (Independent)