March guest bloggers

We’re already into the third month of 2013, so it’s time to say a big thank you to our February guest bloggers Isla Kennedy and Kendra Strauss, and give a warm welcome to this month’s bloggers: Daria Ramone and the No women, no peace. campaign team.

Daria Ramone is the guitarist and vocalist in the No Wave band Etai Keshiki. She is a queer punk. She lives in Leeds. She enjoys peanut butter, red wine and estrogen.

The No women, no peace. campaign has been consulting with women’s rights activists in Afghanistan over the past 18 months and mobilising UK-based activists to hold the UK to account on its promises to the women of Afghanistan. They have sourced original material from their members and activists, and hope to present readers with an alternative view on Afghanistan. There will be thoughts from the various perspectives of policy and advocacy efforts based in the UK, reflections from activists, and stories from Afghan women about their work.

This is not the first time we’ve had an organisation guest blogging for The F-Word; the Education for Choice team wrote a series of posts for us in 2010. However, as there are so many great organsations out there doing work to support women, we’d like to emphasise that we are open to publishing content from other groups, so please do get in touch if your organisation or campaigning group would be interested in blogging for The F-Word. This year’s monthly guest blogger programme is now complete, but we could consider you for a one-off post. We do have some conditions relating to what we will publish, but we can discuss these with you individually.

Photo of yellow daffodils against a blue sky by freefotouk, shared under a Creative Commons licence.