The F-Word updates mailing list has been relaunched!

Those of you who are already on our mailing list will be aware that we started the updates again in January. These give give a rundown on our most recent features and reviews so that you can access anything you might have missed over the last couple of months at a glance in your inbox, along with any general news for the site.

It’s just Asiya and myself on the updates team at the moment so we’re going to be sending these updates out on a bi-monthly basis as it currently stands. We’ve got one coming up this month and you’ll catch it in your inbox if you sign up now. You can also still check out the New Year update (covering the November/December 2012 period) in our archive if you sign up through a Yahoo or Google address and access the group through the web. (You can also access the group this way if you link up your Facebook account by clicking the Facebook button on the Yahoo sign-in page.)

Sign up quickly to receive Asiya’s update this weekend!

Addendum: Having signed out of Yahoo, I can now see that web access is possible for this group for non-members! However, you’ll still need to sign up to receive the e-mails.

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