Weekly round-up and open thread, 11 March


Hello everyone! It’s time for another weekly round-up of what’s been on our radar.

The usual disclaimer applies – linking does not imply endorsement, it only implies the subject matter is in some way interesting. Please use your own judgement on the content of external sites – some links may be triggering to some people.

All today’s photos are of artworks being prepared for last year’s Brooklyn Artists Ball, which was on the theme of women artists. They were all shared on Flickr by the Brooklyn Museum.

Meet the men who spy on women through their webcams (Ars Technica)

Annual count of women’s bylines shows little progress (Poynter)

Wakeema Hollis: “Is my natural hair not ‘seek’ enough?’ (Black Girl Long Hair)

Radical self-care (Abortion Gang)

Remembering that this is supposed to be fun (Fit and Feminist)

#Everydaysexism in local government

Cry for the Merseyside model: crimes against sex workers must be treated as hate crimes UK-wide (Ruth Jacobs)

Edited lowlights (My International Women’s Day)

Keir Starmer: sexual abuse investigations need overhauling – video (The Guardian)

Centenary of women’s right to vote in Norway (Norway: the official site in Japan)


Understanding women’s oppression (SWP take note!) (Harpymarx)

Women in science (Nature)

On Lara Croft (This fucking amusement arcade)

Straight white male: the lowest difficulty setting there is (Whatever)

GUUdbye ya pricks (A Thousand Flowers)

Stop stoning in Afghanistan

All Norwegian women to be paid for breastfeeding breaks (The Nordic Break)

Why women must be at the forefront of the technological revolution (The Guardian)

Dinah Rose quits Liberal Democrats in protest at secret courts (The Guardian)

Woman agrees to caesarean after hospital goes to court (The Irish Times)

Socialist Workers Party leadership under fire over rape kangaroo court (The Guardian)


Gloria Steinem challenges BBC presenter on violence against women (Women Under Siege)

The corrections column co-editor on… women’s sport in the Guardian – (The Guardian)

Why should married women change their names? Let men change theirs – (The Guardian)

Vigil at court hearing: save the Independent Living Fund (False Economy)

Reclaiming the Night in Wales 2013

Delhi rape accused found dead in prison (BBC News)

Sexual segregation at a UCL event a scandal, say students (National Secular Society)

Photos of artworks by, in the order they appear, Kimberley Hart, Swoon and Fay Ku. Share on Flickr under a Creative Commons license