Call for television reviewers

Do you ever rant at the television? Do you sometimes annoy/bum out/delight your friends with feminist analysis while watching apparently “light” TV? Do you ever find yourself compelled to make notes during shows and then wonder what to do with them? Or are you, perhaps, someone who already writes about TV professionally and would like an outlet for your expertise that is more specifically feminist?

If so, writing about TV for The F-Word could be for you!

The part television often plays in the perpetuation of stereotypes and limiting social norms can make it easy to just switch off. But whether it’s the problematic marketing of programmes about disabled people or sexist talk about female characters in shows with male leads (to name just a couple of potential issues), I’m hoping there will be plenty of TV-related things to discuss here at The F-Word in the future.

As mentioned before, an advantage of writing for us is that you get more space to explore what you’re reviewing than you generally would in a review in the mainstream press. We run reviews that are between 800 and 3,000 words but 1,000-2,000 words is highlighted as a good length in the general guidelines.

Please e-mail holly[dot]combe[at]thefword[dot]org[dot]uk if you have a pitch or get in touch with me @hollycombe on Twitter. Alternatively, you can leave a comment here (this won’t be published if it includes your contact details). As ever, we can’t guarantee a response but I will reply to everyone if I possibly can.

With regard to past experience, do include a link in your e-mail to any writing you’ve published before if this applies. Experience is a bonus if you plan to write about something time sensitive but, as ever, you absolutely don’t need to have had anything published before to write here. An interest in and commitment to writing about television from a feminist perspective is all that’s necessary!

Watch out for some television-themed guest posts on the blog this week. Coming up this afternoon, we have an interview with a television scriptwriter…

Addendum: The blog posts mentioned above are going up in conjunction with this re-launch. Features exploring wider television-related issues for the magazine section and short pieces for the blog are, of course, welcome but I’m going to mainly be looking for 800+ word reviews.

Also, I forgot to say thanks to Mathilda Gregory for doing such a grand job with this section before!

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