Weekly round-up and open thread

What with this endless cold and the implementation of a whole series of cuts and reforms that will increase inequality across the country, this first day of April has been pretty bleak. So allow me to warm your cockles (or, in many cases, fan the flames of your anger) with our list of links we found interesting or thought-provoking in the past week. As usual, linking does not imply endorsement of the content of the article or website in question.

We are unable to provide content notes for every link, so please exercise caution when clicking, as some content may be upsetting or triggering.

Dismal Steubenville coverage (Columbia Journalism Review)

Rape myths not behind rape conviction rate, says leading family lawyer (Guardian)

Hijacking feminism (Al Jazeera)

Hundreds gather outside Daily Mail offices for Lucy Meadows vigil (Guardian)


Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito to be tried again (Independent)

Fight flight and froo froo (Appy Families, on the gender socialisation of children)

Somali women’s rights reporter shot dead in Mogadishu (Guardian)

PCC rejects complaints about Burchill’s transgender column (Guardian)

What it’s like to have gay parents (Sash Mackinnon)

Father jailed for killing daughter in fury at failed football bet (Independent)


“Why not just wear a burqa”: Experiences of ethnic minority women writing online (New Statesman – by our Features Editor, Asiya Islam)

On perpetual Twitter beef (No Comment)

Violence against women (International Socialism)

Rock, Paper, Shotgun apology for using female writers (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)

New study reveals child sexual abuse content as top online concern and potentially 1.5m adults have stumbled upon it (womensgrid)

I processed my miscarriage by talking about it (Offbeat Families)

Sisterhood (What Stilli Did)

If I admit that ‘hating men’ is a thing, will you stop turning it into a self-fulfilling prophecy? (Jezebel)

Hey teenage boys! Worried about Steubenville? Don’t be (Yes Means Yes)

Consent 101: coercion (Magic Zebras)

Reddit: working hard to bury their reputation ever deeper in the slime (Pharyngula)

Jeanette Winterson: 100 years after the suffragettes (Guardian)

4 out of 10 families cut back on food to stay in their homes (Shelter)

Thousands turn out for Bedroom Tax protests – but what happens next? (Vox Political)

In my twin sister’s rape, there were many victims (Washington Post)

Today in Rape History: Landsburg and “no physical damage” (ourfeministplayschool)

Just because it isn’t beating doesn’t mean it’s not domestic abuse (White Ribbon Campaign, on the welcome change to the legal definition of domestic abuse)

The day my 11-year-old son found violent porn on the web (Independent)

The truth about women “crying rape” (Guardian)

Quotas get results (Columbia Journalism Review)

Welfare cuts: “I don’t think I’ll see this year out” (Guardian)

Farewell to the NHS, 1948-2013: a dear and trusted friend finally murdered by Tory ideologue (Independent)

Petition calling for Iain Duncan Smith to prove that he really can live on £53 a week – with over 65,000 signatures since this morning!

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